Creating Your Playlists

Centova Cast offers mulitple options for playlist creation using the handy Playlist Management system. When you click ‘Create Playlist’, you’ll be shown a window of options which allow you to configure your playlist exactly how you wish to use it.

General rotation – These are general playlists that are used as part of your general playlisting. You must always have at least one General Rotation playlist enabled for your stream to function. You can use multiple of these playlists to weight tracks and play different tracks more/less often.

Scheduled – A scheduled playlist will play itself at the chosen day/time and can be set to repeat on a weekly basis.

Interval – This playlist will play a track from the respected playlist, at a configurable interval. You can configure the playlist to play every X amount of songs, or every X amount of minutes.

Immediate – This type of playlist will begin playing as soon as it is enabled, great for starting recorded shows manually.

It’s hugely important to always restart your server after making changes to your playlist configuration, this allows the server to refresh & take into account the new changes you’ve specified. 

Updated on August 4, 2021

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