Relaying in Icecast

Icecast has two relay modes a master and a mountpoint relay. The master relay will relay a whole Icecast server, since this is advanced and requires extra authentication we will not handle this.

To relay a single stream open settings then “Mountpoint Relaying”. Tn the example here we want to relay the Cast stream ****

1. Enter the stream server, this is the part between http:// and / or :
2. Then enter the port, that is the part between : and / (in case there is no port given as Cast is it is 80)
3. Then the Stream mount point is the last part like /stream or /streams/128kbps as in the example (SHOUTcast usually accepts 😉
4. Set the Local mount point to the one you want (by default /stream)
5. Make sure you relay metadata to show song info in your stream.
6. Leave the rest blank and save your settings

Updated on February 5, 2021

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