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How do I find my HTTPS Stream URL?

By default SHOUTcast and Icecast servers run on non-standard ports resulting in the :8000 (or other number) on the end. In some places these are blocked by a firewall. That is why we offer a free port 80 proxy.

To use it replace the hostname:port by username.radioca.st. For example, an account with a username of ‘meyskens’ should use http://meyskens.radioca.st/. If you need HTTPS (also called SSL or TLS), you can also use https:// (eg. https://meyskens.radioca.st/). You will be able to find these links also under Quick Links in Centova Cast. We recommend using the HTTPS URL wherever possible as this will prevent issues with Google Chrome (and other major browsers!) blocking your stream.

Should this not work 24 hours after activating your account please contact our support team.

Resellers are also able to use this service, by using the following format: https://stationusername-resellerusername.radioca.st/ – just be sure to replace the information with your own!

Remember, this is only for Centova Cast servers. Both MediaCP & AzuraCast control panels already offer their own native SSL/HTTPS encrypted stream URL’s!

Updated on February 5, 2021

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