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What’s the difference between SHOUTcast and Icecast?

There is no huge, severe difference between the two pieces of software; though they can both behave differently. This is the front-end broadcasting software that your listeners connect to. Both our SHOUTcast and Icecast servers use Liquidsoap to control the Auto DJ & live connection protocols.

SHOUTcast themselves, owned by Radionomy, have recently monetised their software by enforcing a monthly subscription to be able to broadcast above 128kb/s. This is why we use a slightly older version of the SHOUTcast software; this does not affect your streaming at all.

Can I use SHOUTcast V1?
SHOUTcast v1 has not been updated for over 11 years and no further updates will be released. The software contains many bugs and serious security vulnerabilities. Therefore, we do not support SHOUTcast V1 servers.

SHOUTcast.com no longer support SHOUTcast v1 on their directory. Many popular browsers also no longer support streaming audio via SHOUTcast V1 servers.

Updated on February 5, 2021

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