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Can I embed my radio station on my website?

To allow listeners to tune into your radio station from your website, you will need to generate a HTML5 player. This is simply an online player which allows the user to play/pause your radio stream. These can be customised to show album art & now playing information if required.

AzuraCast & MediaCP provide handy embed codes to generate a player from within your control panel. This piece of code should be embedded on your website, wherever you want your player to display.

If you use Centova Cast, we recommend generating a player from within Control (https://control.shoutca.st). Simply login with the same email address and password you use to access our client area (https://my.shoutca.st).

From there, you can generate & customise a HTML5 player for your Centova Cast stream.

Updated on February 5, 2021

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