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What stream URL do I need to submit to internet radio directories?
Most directories need direct stream links, these generally play directly in your browser when clicked. You can find your direct stream link under the “Quick Links” page in Centova Cast. Some examples of direct stream links are below:

  1. http://server.shoutca.st/stream.mp3
  2. http://server.shoutca.st/stream
  3. https://YourCentovaUsername.radioca.st/stream

How can I modify the start page?
This page is automatically generated by Centova and it is not possible to edit this. We do not recommend using this page as your station website. You can disable certain widgets from within the Centova Cast configuration settings.

How can I upload via FTP (File Transfer Protocol)?
You can find your FTP details on the Quick Links page within Centova Cast. Make sure you leave the port field empty! Using the port of your server will result in an error.

**Help! My server crashes after a few minutes? **
This usually happens when you broadcast in a higher bitrate than allowed by your plan. Centova Cast checks this every few minutes. Ensure you are streaming at or below your permitted bitrate. If this problem continues, please contact our friendly support team.

When does my bandwidth limit reset?
Centova Cast does not link directly with any billing system and therefore does not know when your subscription starts or ends. Any monthly limits (eg. bandwidth) are therefore counted from the first to the last calendar day of every month. If you go over this limit Centova Cast will suspend your account which will be unsuspended on upgrade or the first day of the next calendar month (1st of the month).

How can I modify the default artwork?
When Centova Cast can’t find the artwork for your music it will fall back to the default one. Centova Cast originally did not allow you to change this yourself. We developed an integration with Player which syncs these setttings with Centova Cast. Should you want to change the default you have to configure Player in Control. Once this is configured with the artwork it will be synced to Centova Cast within a few hours.

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
Modern browsers use CORS in an API container such as XMLHttpRequest or Fetch for better security. SHOUTcast has been sending these out since version 2.5. For Icecast this is a special configuration option but this is not supported by Centova Cast. For Icecast we suggest using our radioca.st solution which does send these headers.

Updated on February 5, 2021

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