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Using GeoIP Country Blocking

In some scenarios, it may be essential that you restrict your video stream to only certain countries. This is handy for licencing restrictions or in cases where you only want to be accessible in certain areas of the world. Fortunately, our system has this handy feature built in, and it’s extremely easy to use!

To access the Geolocking feature, simply select the GeoIP Country Blocking tab.

There are three options to configure the GeoIP Country Locking and so it’s important to choose the correct option.

  1. Disabled – all listeners/viewers will be permitted with no restrictions.
  2. Allow only listeners from countries listed – useful if you’re only permitted to broadcast to a small number of countries.
  3. Block listeners from countries listed – handy if you only need to block a few countries from accessing your stream.

You can select the most appropriate option for your stream, and then add countries using the box below. In our configuration demonstrated below, we are currently blocking all listeners & viewers from both Antarctica & Austria (sorry guys!).

Updated on February 5, 2021

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