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Broadcasting to Facebook Live

Our video streaming system has a great solution which allows you to transcode (rebroadcast) your video stream to multiple platforms including Facebook and Twitter (via Periscope). Interested in learning how to setup a transcoder to Facebook Live? Keep reading!

Simply head to the Stream Targets tab and hit the Create New Stream Target button.

You can then give your stream target a name and choose where you wish to send your broadcast.

A window will then appear which allows you to populate the title & description of your stream. You can also select the source – by default this will be set to only stream any live video that you are sending to your video server (such as via OBS or any other encoding software). However, you can change this to constantly send your video source including any scheduled playlists, if you wish.

You then need to login to Facebook in order to authorize the Stream Publisher app to transcode your app directly to Facebook – this is an easy process and access can be revoked at any time.

Once that’s completed – you’re all done! Simply use the “Reconnect” button to get your transcoder up & running. Bear in mind that Facebook currently has limitations on video streaming including:

Duration limited to 8 hours.
Any videos containing copyrighted material may be muted or partially muted automatically.

Updated on February 5, 2021

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