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Understanding Autoloading Playlists

Autoloading playlists are one of the most powerful tools in LibreTime. Autoloading playlists can be used to automatically populate with Jingles/Tracks and Smartblocks.

For example, you could use this feature to insert a jingle every 3 songs. To do this you would need to set up a “dynamic smart block” that randomly chooses one item whos “track type” “is” “jingle” (This is of course dependent upon having your track types setup properly). Then create a second dynamic smartblock which chooses the other content for the playlist.

Then, simply put these smart blocks together into an autoloading playlist, and they will dynamically create content according to the criteria, working together to play a jingle every 3 songs. 

Then add this playlist to a show, you may need to add a few copies to fill up all the time allotted to the  show slot, but the actual content of the playlist will be different every time it is repeated, due to the dynamic smart blocks. There is an option to do this automatically when adding the playlist to the show, “repeat until show is full”

Any playlist can be used as an autoloading type, click to edit a show on your calendar, or add a new show. Then navigate to “add autoloading playlist” in the show options, and you will be able to select any of your playlists to use in this manner.

Updated on August 18, 2021

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