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How can I get listed on the SHOUTcast.com directory?

December 2021 – Shoutcast themselves have prevented the use of our authhash creator and have made it practically impossible for stations to get listed in the Shoutcast directory. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do regarding their recent actions. We suggest you should contact Shoutcast themselves directly to express your concerns. 

First of all we need to go to the admin interface of SHOUTcast itself. To do this go to Centova Cast and in the side bar you can find “Admin”.

Now we’re at the SHOUTcast DNAS status page. Up in the menu you can find “Stream Login”.

You’ll be prompted for the username and password. The username is admin and the password is the account of your Centova Cast account.

You might see a notice that you need to register your station, if not you can click “Authhash” in the top bar.

SHOUTcast.com stopped offering pre-2.6 authhashes on their website to push the use of their new paid version. You can still get the old Authhashes via our tool here

Simply input all of the required information and submit. An authhash will then be generated. Copy this hash and go back to the DNAS admin and enter this code.

Keep in mind, the AutoDJ or a live DJ can still tell the server not to be listed. This can be overwritten in the settings.

Updated on December 10, 2021

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