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The Tab block allows your customers to walk through steps of a tutorial

It’s flexible – to showcase your content in a way that is easy to read and manage

The best bit… it’s included in KnowAll, and styled for you.


A toggle..
Let’s you display teaser content and reveal in a click. This block is packaged with KnowAll.


An Accordion
A variation on toggle, each section expands in turn to reveal another.
Multiple steps
Can be split out content using an accordion block.
Make your content interactive
Let your customers discover your products for themselves.


Packaged with useful blocks

KnowAll comes packaged with all the tools you need to set up and run a successful support center including useful blocks and styling elements to make your content stand out.

KnowAll includes four message styles

Create asides, demonstrate points and alert your customers/visitors to key features and functionality.

Key Warnings

Can be displayed with this warning message.

Information message

Casual information that you want to highlight is best displayed with this information style Message block, packaged with KnowAll.