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What is Cast?

Cast is an open source radio streaming server developed by SHOUTca.st. It is designed to bring modern technology to Internet radio as well as expanding the possibilities. Cast is made to not only look great but to give the user a great experience. With Cast, you don’t have to be an expert with legacy systems to get started.

Cast is open source meaning you can use it yourself for free, change it and contribute to the project. You can find Cast on GitHub.

Is Cast in BETA?
Not anymore. We now offer Cast in a stable version and beta version. There are certain features such as HLS which are currently only in available in our BETA releases, which you can enable under “About” via Control.

Can I modify Cast and use/sell it?
Cast is licensed under AGPLv3. To keep it simple, you can modify it if you release the source code with your modifications. As soon as your Cast server is publicly accessible, and even if you only modify it for your own radio station, you have to disclose the modified source. This is done to benefit everybody with the open source spirit.

Where can I find more about the Cast project?
You can read more about Cast in its documentation. We thank Readme.io for sponsoring Cast!

How do I spell Cast?
Cast is spelled Cast. The first letter is uppercase the other ones lowercase. Cast comes from unicast or broadcast. Cast is not an abbreviation, so spelling it all caps is not appropriate.

Updated on January 18, 2021

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