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Uploading your music (Centova Cast)

What is FTP?
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is essentially used for transferring files over the internet. This is useful for when you want to upload media files to Centova Cast quickly and easily. Software allows you to log into your Centova Cast account remotely and drag/drop files from your machine to your media library in Centova Cast – which is a lot quicker than using the built in upload feature.

How do I use FTP?
There are multiple FTP client solutions that can be used. We recommend FileZilla as it is easy to use, open-source & free.

  1. Head over to FileZilla’s website here.
  2. Click ‘Download FileZilla Client’ and run through the setup.
  3. Open FileZilla and you will see the following application
  4. Log into Centova Cast and head to the Quick Links page to find your FTP details
  5. Head back to FileZilla and enter the details into the software
  6. Click ‘Quickconnect’ and you will be connected to your server.
  7. Once connected, on the left hand side you will see your local PC document tree, and on the right hand side the servers. Double click on the ‘Media’ folder on the right and drag files from your PC (the left) into the right hand panel to upload them.
  8. Job done! You’ve now uploaded your media to your Centova Cast service and you can begin to start putting your music files into playlists.

Don’t want to use FTP?
No problem! Centova has a built-in web based upload system. However, we don’t recommend using this for large files or a large number of files. To use the web based uploader, click “Files”. A page will then display which shows all uploaded files. Find the button at the bottom of the page that says “Upload”.

Once you’ve hit that button, a window will show that allows you to upload files via your browser.

Updated on February 19, 2024

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