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Creating Your Playlists

Playlists are used by the AutoDJ system to work out what music files it needs to play & when. With the intuitive playlist configuration, you’re able to create a variety of playlists to suit your stations needs.

So, I’ve clicked “Add Playlist” – now what?

The most common kind of playlist is “General Rotation”. They play whenever they’re enabled, and shuffle in tracks randomly.

The next three options are different kinds of “interval” playlists, playlists that play at set intervals. Bear in mind that tracks aren’t interrupted mid playback to play tracks at these intervals, so bear that in mind!

Lastly, Advanced playlists are defined via the Liquidsoap configuration. Unless you’re already familiar with how Liquidsoap works, it’s best not to use this option.

How do I schedule a playlist?

AzuraCast has a variety of options which let you schedule playlists to play at a certain time. To add a schedule to this playlist, click on “Add Schedule Item”.

You can choose a Start Time, an End Time, and also a Start Date and End Date. If you want the schedule to repeat, you can choose Scheduled Play Days for each week.

Updated on January 21, 2021

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